Saturday, 23 November 2013

Humphrey Head

Tried out a new coastal slope, Humphrey Head. Was a bit of a scramble to climb up the 100ft limestone cliff, but with a Westerly gusting to 26 mph the conditions provided consistent lift. I flew my M60 rather than a mouldy for a change and it went very well with full ballast. The coastal air felt slower and 'Sticky' compared to the inland slopes I normally fly but where there were no thermals there was also no sink or turbulence. Landing was a little awkward as there is a fence and a gate that you have to climb over to get to the landing zone or you could just land at distance from the gate. You just had to watch out for a couple of bushes and some piles of rocks. With a more expensive mouldy you could always open the gate so you could pick your spot to land.

Humphrey Head from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 November 2013


Some nice video's from Rick Chen of the 2013 F3F World Cup race this year, Mr O won going very fast with his Needle 100.

Lungpan - South of the Taiwan from Rick Chen on Vimeo.

F3F WORLD Cup Taipei 2013 "Impossible speed" from Rick Chen on Vimeo.