Tuesday, 18 September 2012

F3F Welsh Open 2012

Had a great time in Wales at the weekend, only made one mistake when I left the trusty Cyril in Start mode for one of my runs, still got a 48.xx but could have been better!

Experimented with lighter ballast settings to maximise the climb out in the 30 secs available and realised I need to drop in later and really use all that time to the full. Tried to be tight as possible on the bases, but also need to go a little longer before rolling to inverted when doing the reversal turn and be more confident with the base turns.

Still 15th out of 42 isn't too bad for my first Welsh open and will be practising hard now for Eastbourne in a few weeks time. A little video below, lost a lot of footage due to stuff being out of focus, and the lighting went a little out of control, time to invest in a new camera me thinks :)
F3F Welsh Open from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.


  1. Hola Rooster,

    on minute 104 that's Lazaro Martinez flying his Vendetta =)
    Great footage!

  2. Thanks, I wondered who it was, will fix the video.

    Nice glider, own design?