Sunday, 17 February 2013

NYMRSC Club F3F Practise

Went over to the Hole of Horcum for some timed practise yesterday, the weather forecast didn't look good with thick fog but I decided to take the risk and was rewarded with glorious sunshine and light winds on the South bowel. Unfortunately the light winds had attracted the Paragliders and they had beaten us to the slope, Jon managed to negotiate a time share for us, so we set the course up and then alternated with the paragliders, flying a round and then stopping so they could fly, we had agreed a 20 min time slot with them and it worked well.

The flying was very relaxed to start with, sub 70 air which slowly improved over the day to sub 50 air at the end. A couple of new models were being put through there paces, two new Needle 124's and a Freestyler 4.3, looks like Green or Orange is popular this season.

By the middle of the afternoon the wind was too strong for the Paragliders and we had the slope to ourselves and we finished by about 3:30pm with 10 rounds completed.

1st - Paul Garnett
2nd - Mark Redsell
3rd - Rich Bago

HoH F3F Practise from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.

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