Thursday, 18 July 2013

2013 BMFA F3F Rd 4 Bishops Hill Scotland

Fantastic days racing at The Bishop last Sunday, plenty of sun and wind, it doesn't get any better than this! Paul and I rocked up early Sunday morning from the North West, an easy drive on empty roads about three and half hours. We had been told to meet at East Lomond but were delighted by a phone call from Mark Redsell to tell us the venue had changed to Bishops which is the preferred hill.

Paul and I arrived first as we hadn't even got to East Lomond and didn't have long to wait for the others to turn up before we started the long but pleasant climb to the top.

The whole shindig was up and running by 11:00 a.m. and I had high hopes for a decent result which soon resulted in a disastrous cut and I was soon in last place out of the sixteen runners. I persevered with my EM turns but seemed to struggle, I changed some settings which made a small improvement but still not fast enough with mid forty second times. Eventually I decided that the only way to salvage the day would be to revert back to reversals which I havn't done in 9 months, immediately my times dropped to sub forties and eventually I got fastest time of the day, so I was happy with that!

So lots to think about and I might have to adopt a more pragmatic approach to my flying and choose the fastest style to suit the hill and the conditions on the day.

1          Mark Redsell                 10490.94          1000.00
2          Kevin Newton                10420.47          993.28
3          Paul Upton                    10395.50          990.90
4          Peter Gunning               10188.56          971.17
5          Mike McCracken           9955.96            949.00
6          Mark Treble                   9937.30            947.22
7          Tom Foreman                9919.80            945.55
8          David Reid                    9779.07            932.14
9          Ronnie Lampe               9641.70            919.05
10        Frank Hulton                  9575.62            912.75
11        Ewan Maxwell                9325.86            888.94
12        Mick Walsh                   9235.10            880.29
13        George Young               8965.44            854.58
14        John Treble                   8650.03            824.52
15        Dave Watson                8536.20            813.67
16        Gonzalo Garcia-Atance  7863.26            749.52

FTD. Tom Foreman 35.20

2013 BMFA F3F Rd 4 Bishops Hill Scotland from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.

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