Sunday, 6 January 2013

HoH WL Rd 3

Yesterday we had our club winter league round 3, Paul and I arrived at the Hole of Horcum to see a clag free slope with wind, looked like our luck was in. We thought we were late as people were already on the slope practising and it was only 9:00 a.m.! We rushed over to join them and get some free practise in.

The SSW wind put us in the South Bowel for a change which is one of the more popular sites compared to Levisham. The bowel helps to straighten the wind up and accelerates it to generate good consistent lift than would be possible with a normal straight edge.

Conditions were light to begin with but got stronger as the day wore on, before tailing off towards the end, we managed to get 8 rounds in although we lost round 9 due to wind swinging too far west.

A large turnout of 18 pilots with quite a few travelling the length and breadth of the country meant that it was a competitive day with times being quite close in each round, however Mark Redsell managed to rise to the top with tight consistent flying making the most out of the lift to take the top spot hotly pursued by Simon Thornton and Peter Gunning.

A great day out with great weather considering the time of year and some fantastic competition to keep everyone trying their hardest, well done everybody!

1 Mark Redsell 6982.96 1000.00
2 Simon Thornton 6660.96 953.88
3 Peter Gunning 6623.35 948.50
4 Martin Newnham 6581.29 942.47
5 Paul Upton 6570.73 940.96
6 Rich Bago 6556.51 938.92
7 Greg Dakin 6371.14 912.38
8 Tom Foreman 6355.41 910.13
9 Paul Garnett 6307.56 903.27
10 Mark Treble 6279.67 899.28
11 Dave Wright 6132.26 878.17
12 Keith Wood 6108.64 874.79
13 Paul Middleton 6021.98 862.38
14 George Young 5952.70 852.46
15 Jon Edison 5722.70 819.52
16 Roger Groves 5051.89 723.45
17 Ronnie Lampe 5044.86 722.45
18 John Tideswell 3777.86 541.01

Newcomer John Tideswell getting to grips with his Needle 100

John concentrating hard on his Needle 100

Mark Treble went well with his new Toxic

Martin Newnham preparing his Freestyler 4.3

HoH WL RD3 from Tom Foreman on Vimeo.


  1. Great vid Tom. Nothing of Peter G in 3rd?

  2. Unfortunately I miss half of the competitors due to the order we fly and buzzer duties, but if we're spaced far enough apart I should get him next time!