Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cyril Repairs

Well this is what happens when you make a mistake and go into the hill at 60mph! Port wing hit the ground first, damaging the wing tip and de-laminating the leading edge and drag spar from the wing skin, fortunately the wing spar survived so the wing is repairable. The Starboard wing had a small amount of de-lamination to the drag spar in a smaller area, and the aileron was damaged, but it survived pretty well apart from the aileron servo being ripped from its mount by the wiring loom.

The model was carrying 1.2Kg of ballast and travelling fast so all this energy was concentrated into the wing joiner, which snapped and destroyed the fuselage into three pieces, taking the ballast tube with it. These parts are beyond repair as all the fuselage internal formers were destroyed, half the ballast went missing as well, probably buried in the hill somewhere, on the positive side the tails and radio gear survived.

So I will have to order a replacement fuselage, nose cone, ballast tube and wing joiner and repair the wings, the photo's show progress thus far, basically I have repaired all the internal structural damage by gluing the skins back to the drag spars and the leading edge. Next will be the surface damage to the port wing tip, port wing root, port flap de-lamination and starboard aileron damage, oh well, will keep me out of mischief!

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