Monday, 20 May 2013

Hawes Day Out

Our race at the Hole of Horcum got cancelled yesterday, so Mandy and I decided to go for a BBQ in the Dales on top of Weather Top near Hawes, of course I took the new Stinger with me in case there was any wind.

The day started with a gentle breeze and I first flew empty under the dark clouds before landing and getting the BBQ lit and the Chicken Kebabs cooking. While Mandy and I ate our tasty food the sun came out and the breeze started to freshen up a little so I first tried 3 slugs (240g) and then 5 slugs (400g) of ballast. The Stinger is proving to be one of those slippery models that doesn't need much ballast.

Although not mega lift conditions the thermals came through and every now and again the lift went crazy with good 40 sec air. Flew all afternoon as the conditions were so nice, it makes a change to be warm on the slope edge. Mandy tried video with her fancy new Canon 5D camera rather than the normal Panasonic compact, but with no digital viewfinder, a heavy SLR lens and forgetting to switch on the OIS meant footage was a bit shaky. Still she had fun experimenting even though I had a lot to cut out when it came to editing, still beggars can't be chooser's and I'm thankful for any footage of me. Of course all the good air and fancy aerobatics were missed while para-gliders, walkers and cyclists grabbed all the attention!

Unfortunately a road cyclist had a serious tumble below the front of the slope and a air ambulance was called to whisk him away, fortunately he was wearing his helmet, but it looks like he broke a few bones.

Some big boomer thermals came through and it was possible to speck out and then dive back down with the Stinger screaming away nicely, does very good square edge loops!

Finally it was time to go home, but not before we stopped off at Hawes for some ice cream, it was really warm in the bottom of the valley where Hawe's is located and there was a great holiday atmosphere with everyone sat outside the pubs drinking and eating while admiring the shiny motorbikes and sports cars parked outside, fantastic day out!

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